MikeTravogal was founded as a result of my passion and vision to enable people from all corners of the world to experience travel in all its forms.

Travel is something almost everyone wants to experience regardless of race, religion, profession, color, or age.

Everyone has a bucket list of destinations they aspire to visit in their lifetime. It could be sun filled days in Tahiti, romantic strolls past the Eifel Tower, cruising the Greek Islands, or skiing the Swiss Alps. If people suddenly found wealth one of the first things they would do is ‘travel’.

I have been fortunate to have travelled to more than 40 countries and lived on four continents in my lifetime. Those travel memories have become my favorite stories to share. The experiences have given me a global, first hand perspective of the world I live in. And most of all, I’ve made so many new friends in all corners of the globe that I now consider family.

My mission in life has been to help people “Create A Life That Feels Like It’s One Long Vacation”.

It’s not about being on permanent vacation…however it’s a great goal to have!

It’s about the mindset. How do you feel when you are on vacation?

You’re more relaxed, more open to trying new experiences, and asking “WHY can’t it be like this all the time?

With that in mind I have spent close to a decade searching out ways to make travel affordable, to make finding the right travel solution simpler, and providing opportunity where you can create a life changing income sharing these outcomes with others.

Since 2007 I have been involved with opportunities based around travel that attracted over 400,000 people from 190+ countries, many of who seeking the ’one long vacation’ life. I’ve learned a lot of valuable lessons, made incredible connections with industry experts, and came up with many innovate ways to make my dream and passion a reality.

Travogal is the end result of 30 years in business, 25 years working from home creating a one long vacation lifestyle, and 8 years in travel based businesses.

I invite you to join me and share the gift of travel with others, to enable people to create new adventures and life long memories, and empower people with an opportunity that makes the dream of a ’one long vacation’ life an attainable reality.

Sharing the gift of travel.