What’s the hidden catch with the FREE Travogal $100 Travel Savings Voucher….it sounds too good to be true!

What’s the hidden catch with the FREE Travogal $100 Travel Savings Voucher….it sounds too good to be true!

Anytime we are given something for nothing our natural skepticism kicks in.

What’s the catch? It sounds too good to be true! No one really gives away something for free without wanting something in return.

Correct? Is that what popped into your head too?

Let me give you the NO B.S. explanation of how it works.


  1. Reduce the best RETAIL price down to the wholesale price 

    Every hotel room night has a best public price and a wholesale price. The wholesale price is the rate the hotel MUST get to cover its costs like cleaning, insurance, maintenance, etc.So the best public price may be $180 a night and the wholesale rate $90 a night.In this case you could apply $90 of the $100 voucher to reduce the public price to the wholesale rate. The remaining $10 of your voucher can be used for your next booking.

    If you booked for 7 nights, the best public rate is $1260 and wholesale rate $630 so you could apply the full $100 voucher and pay only $1160.

  2. How can get the FULL wholesale rate of $630 on the booking instead of paying $1160?

    When you do a search such as the 7 night stay above the portal will say “Learn how to save an extra $530 on this booking”If you upgraded to the Elite Portal Membership for $399 you would pay $630 instead of $1260 saving a total of $630. Now that’s a good deal.
  3. How long is the voucher valid for? 

    12 months from the time of creation.

  4. NO plus plus… 

    All our prices INCLUDE all taxes and charges so when comparing prices in Travogal to other booking sites remember nearly ALL the other sites do NOT add the taxes and charges which can add another 10-35% to the price. With Travogal there is NO surprises.

  5. How do you book? 

    Become a FREE Member and log in to your members’ area at travogal.com with your username and password and then click on TRIAL PORTAL where you will be redirected to the TRIAL Portal.Enter in the destination, arrival and departure dates and search. You can also filter the search by star rating, price, amount of savings, and more. You can also view information about the hotel with pictures plus map and location details.Choose a room, and proceed to the booking page where you can complete your booking and payment details.

So that’s the NO B.S overview of how it works. NO catches, it’s NOT too good to be true.


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It’s a genuine $100 of savings available immediately or anytime in a 12 month period, that can be used on any internet connected device.

So all you have to do is take advantage, and consider upgrading to an Elite or Elite PRO Membership with Travogal to get the full wholesale rate for 12 months on not only hotels but also cruises, packages holidays, car rentals, tours and attractions and more.

Never pay RETAIL again for your travel. It’s time to ONLY pay WHOLESALE from how on thanks to Travogal.


Team Travogal

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