Learn WHY every business owner, blogger or marketer will now be your best friend!

Learn WHY every business owner, blogger or marketer will now be your best friend!

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If you know anyone who is a business owner, blogger, marketer….or simply looking for something fresh and innovative to bring in more customers, subscribers, affiliates, etc…..then share this with them and see how quickly you become their best friend 🙂

The hardest part of marketing is to engage the people you want to connect with and make them feel they came out of the exchange better off than if they hadn’t connected with you.

Travogal offers a way to engage people by giving them something they can use immediately that has REAL value and cost the recipient nothing. Everyone loves receiving a gift, to be appreciated, to feel special.

Let me explain.

For $99 these business owners, bloggers, marketers and the like can give away UNLIMITED $100 travel savings vouchers as a reward for making a purchase.

Here’s a few examples of business owners you may know that could give away our vouchers as a thank you gift and whenever the recipient upgrades to a paid member the business owner gets paid!

UBER drivers / Luggage Stores / Mobile Phone Stores / Tour Operators / Restaurants / Youth Hostels / Small to Medium Size Boutique Hotels / Airport Transfer Companies / Spas and Salons / Massage Clinic / Foreign Exchange Outlets / Personal Trainers / Life Coaches / Real Estate Agents / etc

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What about business professionals, online marketing or bloggers who are always looking for new subscribers to their e-zines, newsletters, to download their ebook, follow their blog, or attend their events.

“Download my ebook and receive a $100 Travel Voucher to use at 400,000 hotels globally!”

For $99 someone can start immediately giving away UNLIMITED $100 travel savings vouchers for 12 months.

It’s the best value marketing tool ANY business owner or marketer could ever have. Get started today by talking to every business owner, blogger, marketer you know and share a $100 voucher with them to show them just how easy it is.

Did you know Travogal PRO members can give away UNLIMITED $100 Travel Savings Vouchers by simply giving out your Travogal URL to people?

We have business cards, brochures, websites, videos, PowerPoints and PDFs to share that make marketing easy and you can personalise them all with your personal Travogal URL.


It’s that easy!

Just send people to your Travogal website and tell them to click on the blue button to get their $100 savings voucher to have immediate access to wholesale prices at more than 400,000 hotels and resorts globally.

No Voucher Codes to copy and paste, no complicated systems…simply give out your URL!

When the person creates their free member account our software automatically redeems one of your $100 vouchers and adds $100 of savings to the recipients Savings Bank to use in the Travogal Trial Portal.

We also give each free member 5 complementary $100 vouchers to share with their friends which when redeemed will add an extra $100 of savings to their Savings Bank meaning a total of $200 in savings!

Every person that registers for their $100 voucher is also positioned in to your Travogal referral network so whenever they upgrade to a paid membership you get paid.

Giving people something for zero cost that has instant value that can be used immediately is a powerful rejection proof marketing tool.

Every voucher recipient can result in you earning up to $100 again and again!

You  can get started for as little as $99 as a PRO Member to access unlimited travel vouchers or go all the way and get a $499 Elite PRO Membership and also enjoy unlimited savings on unlimited bookings with ALL our travel solutions for 12 months.

Sharing Travogal can help you save more, travel more and earn more.


Travogal Team    

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