How to travel the world, live anywhere, and create a lifestyle income!

How to travel the world, live anywhere, and create a lifestyle income!

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Imagine being able to live anywhere in the world, having a regular cash flow coming in independent of where you live, and the freedom to design each day according to your like and desires.

Imagine travelling the world spending as much time as you choose in each location so you can truly experience everything that destination has to offer.

Learn a new language, learn another style of cooking, create memories that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

For many these things are just fanciful dreams of someone with too much imagination.

Or is it?

Is this ‘too good to be true’ lifestyle actually something that is achievable?

The answer is YES, it is possible and more and more people are making it their new reality.

The truth is there are so many amazing locations around the world where you can live for a fraction of the cost of where you live now that offer a quality of life you never thought possible.

We live in the age of the internet where we can be connected globally from our phones, a tablet or a laptop and conduct commerce 24/7 with no borders.

We also live in the age of cheap travel where you can fly between countries for less than it costs to have a meal for 2 at your local restaurant.

It can cost you less to spend your days on a cruise ship going from port to port than it costs to rent an apartment in most cities and on the ship all your meals, drinks, entertainment are provided and someone else cleans up after you. Many retirees are choosing to take endless cruises than be in an aged care facility sharing stories about illnesses and who last passed away.

So where do you start? How do you make all this possible?

When the WHY is big enough the HOW will show up!

You first need to develop a strong WHY!

That why is normally begins with a deep burning dissatisfaction in your stomach about how your life is right now. Are you really living or just existing? Are you having fun and really happy or simply putting on a brave face to hide how your true resentment of how things got to where they are now?

The next step is to make a decision. A decision to make a CHANGE, to no longer accept the status quo, a decision to do whatever it takes to create a life where you are that you look forward to waking to, a life that is rewarding and joyous, a life that has meaning.

Set an INTENTION to design a NEW life that is the one you will look back upon and be satisfied with.

Ask yourself, “If I had the MONEY and the TIME, with money coming in independent of where I live, WHERE would I love to live and spend time? What would I be doing with my days?”

Close your eyes and imagine what you would be seeing, doing, smelling, tasting and hearing in your perfect day or this new life.

Now you are clear in your mind what you want you need to then find a way to generate cash flow to replace your current income that is not dependent on your location, and does not require a high level of skill or expertise.

This is where Travogal is such a great choice. Our product is based around travel, leisure, lifestyle, the very thing we are talking about and something desired by people of all countries, male and female, of all ages, all cultures, all religions, and all professions.

When people use our travel solutions they SAVE money and they earn REWARDS. When people share Travogal they generate income and the more they share it the greater that income can grow.

We also have the perfect tool for sharing Travogal with our $100 Travel Savings Vouchers. Everyone loves to save money, loves receiving a free gift, they can use it immediately, and the savings benefits doing the upselling for you.

All you need to do is work the numbers. Approximately 1 in 10 people who have a view membership and search in the portal upgrade to a paid membership and that generates $25 to $100 each time.


The more $100 vouchers you give away the more people who will upgrade and the more times you earn.

Many of those who upgrade will also choose to share Travogal and before you know you will have a global network of fellow Travogal members seeking a new lifestyle.

You can share the vouchers via a business card, a brochure, online, using social media, or advertising. People simply go to your website, register for a FREE account and then you let the system educate them.

Every time sometimes register it pays to reach to them, share your personal story, ask questions to find out what they are seeking, and help them make an informed decision.

It’s fun, it works, and it’s lucrative!

What are you waiting for? Get started today, set your intention, take action, and stay committed. Your new life is only a decision away.

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