Travogal Overview – What Makes Travogal Stand Out From The Competition?

Travogal Overview – What Makes Travogal Stand Out From The Competition?

Travel is a multi-trillion dollar industry that continues to grow every year which makes it also a very attractive industry to target for new network marketing opportunities.

So what makes Travogal stand out from the others?

Here’s a few things that make compelling reading.

A business model that makes sense and is compliant with the recommendations of government regulators!

  • Clear distinction between customers and marketers – learn more
  • Customers have their own domain, website, bank office focused on the travel benefits
  • Marketers also have their own domain, website, back office with additional resources to manage their business, for training, and marketing
  • Ability to become a FREE member to conduct due diligence on the travel product before buying

True WHOLESALE travel pricing, not a re-seller of a retailer

  • Travogal has an agreement with one of the fastest growing travel wholesalers in the USA
  • They have been an INC 500 company 2 of the last 3 years
  • Global inventory for a complete range of travel and leisure solutions
  • FREE Membership provides full transparency of the prices and potential savings

In contrast most other travel based opportunities are simply selling time share inventory, or offering a white label branded solution of a travel retailer or aggregator. The pricing may be slightly lower but the prices are still RETAIL pricing, NOT wholesale pricing like Travogal.

More importantly most other companies only show you the true pricing and selection of travel solutions AFTER you buy the membership.

Learn more about WHY Travogal can offer such great pricing on travel.


VIP Travel Services

  • VIP privileges like personal concierge service so you can talk to a travel professional to make your booking and still enjoy the maximum discount
  • Earn reward credits of ALL bookings that can be used to pay for future purchases in the portal
  • 24 hour travel hotline so you always have someone to call when travelling if you need help
  • Best price guarantees on all bookings

Experienced Founders, Management and Staff In Travel Based Network Marketing Companies

  • Been involved in management role for 8 years of companies that collectively had 400,000+ members in 180+ countries
  • Founded 2 previous travel based opportunities with over 100,000 members
  • Vast experience in international business, banking, and consulting

In-house IT & Web Development Team

  • Team has 8 years experience creating software for travel based network marketing companies
  • All software code is owned by Travogal
  • Full responsive website for public and members web pages so can be viewed on any device

Compensation Plan Created To Reward Both New Beginner & Experienced Leader

  • Earn on personal sales
  • Earn on team sales with both binary and uni-level payouts
  • Earn matching income on binary income of personal team
  • Receive rank advancement bonuses where rank is based on accumulative team sales
  • DAILY payouts to allow quick income generation
  • FREE Members & Customers are rewarded for personal referral sales
  • Person can access full income potental

Click here to read a blog post that provides an in depth overview of the compensation plan.


Viral Marketing System

  • Members can give away $100 Travel Savings Vouchers to allow people to TRY before they BUY
  • Each voucher creates a FREE Member that is placed in to the genealogy structure
  • Each FREE Member receives 5 FREE $100 vouchers to give away to their contacts that enables the FREE Member to receive an additional $100 savings top up
  • This incentive to share the 5 vouchers each FREE Member gets creates a viral sharing effect
  • Every FREE Member can upgrade anytime and become a potential sale for the upline

Membership Options To Suit ALL Budgets & Needs

  • Get started for FREE, test the Trial Travel Portal, and receive rewards for personal referrals that upgrade
  • Become a Premium Member to enjoy the full travel benefits and receive rewards for personal referrals that upgrade ($600)
  • GO PRO by purchasing a GO PRO KIT for $50 and access the full compensation plan
  • Become a Basic PRO Member and enjoy additional travel savings, more travel vouchers to share & full compensation plan ($225)
  • Become a VIP PRO Member & enjoy unlimited travel savings on ALL our travel products, receive MORE travel vouchers and access full compensation plan ($600)
  • Become an Elite PRO Member and enjoy unlimited savings on ALL our travel products, Unlimited Travel Vouchers and access full compensation plan ($1550)

Learn more about the Premium vs VIP PRO choices and what is best for which people.

NO Monthly Fees

  • Monthly fees can be difficult to pay in emerging economies where access to Visa and MasterCard debit and credit cards may be difficult
  • Many people like to be able to pay for the year ahead and not have to worry about paying anything else for 12 months

Wide Range Of Payment Solutions

  • Travogal founders have vast experience in payment solutions
  • A wide range of non-credit card, localized pay in solutions are available
  • Multiple pay out methods are also offered to provide quick and cost effective access to earnings


When assessing any opportunity there should always be a few standard questions you need to ask.

  1. Would you purchase the product if there was NO income opportunity attached?
  2. Is the price of the product competitive to existing products in the market?
  3. is there a growing market place for the product?
  4. Is there a support and training system in place to help you succeed?
  5. Can you generate income quickly and get into profit?

Travogal offers all this and more!


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